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From 1st January 2016 domestic and residential fire sprinkler provision will need to be made for planning applications made for the vast majority of projects with few exceptions.

We are able to take you through the whole process from design of the installation to final commissioning.

We pride ourselves on our professional commitment to our design, installation and commissioning of our sprinkler systems to BS9251 : 2014 standards.

 "Fire Sprinkler System are Now Mandatory in Wales for New Build." For more information please click HERE.

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler Installation

We work alongside architects, developers, Plumbing companies, Care providers and Landlords and liaise with local authority building control departments. We can also provide advice on mains water provision issues ensuring you fire protection system work how it should.

Our main services are in the design, supply and installation of fire sprinkler systems, we also recommend that existing sprinkler installations are inspected on an annual basis.

Intergrated security systems

We supply, install and intergrate CCTV, alarm (grade 1,2,3) and home automation systems. We also provide linked comunication systems for fire sprinklers to warn of any head acctivated in the property. This is usful in domestic properties that are unocupied for part of the day. See the "security resources" tab.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems have increased in popularity in the UK, and have been law in all new buildings in Wales since 1st january 2016. Modern residential sprinkler systems are designed to look good with concealed heads no larger than a typical down-light, a smooth plate and almost flush to the ceiling finish that is asthetically pleasing to the home owner.

We have a range of fire sprinklers to choose from and a member of our team will advise on the best type of sprinkler for your property and requirments.

Residential Sprinkler Systems

Residential Sprinkler Systems are specifically designed to extinguish an ignition source quickly and efficiently, releasing far less water than typically used by the Fire Service. This smart use of water can dramatically reduce water damage to your property and ensure that any fire is swiftly dealt with, preventing loss of property and potential loss of life.

Integral Fire Sprinklers Ltd have a dedicated designer/architect that is involved from the initial designing of any system through to the commisioning process. This ensures that the integrity of the system is maintained thought the whole process, and that BS 9251 domestic and residential standareds are maintained.

We install Fire Sprinkler Systems in the following type of builds:

    New build open plan areas

    High specification refurbishments

    Hostel accommodation

    Care homes


    Office to residential conversions

    Barn conversions


    Bed and breakfast accommodation


    Public Houses

    loft conversions

We offer a Complete Design, Supply and Installation service, contact us today for a free quote for your domestic home or residential sprinkler systems.

A typical fire sprinkler installation with Blazemaster CPVC pipe with concealed fire sprinkler heads. The sprinkler system is installed in accordance with the design drawings. The sprinkler system is pressure tested prior to any building work to cover up the system

Domestic and residential fire sprinkler systems have increased in popularity and combined with smoke alarms, are one of the most effective means of safeguarding your home and occupants

Our Commitment to you is :-

1. To design the sprinkler system specific to your Property

2. To install the system to our high professional standard.

3.To commission the system.